July 24, 2018


Morning, Afternoon and Young5 Program Fees

Annual Tuition is paid in ten monthly installments. Scholarships are available.

3 days per week

Teaching: $3,200/year

Non-Teaching: $5,590/year


4 days per week

Teaching: $3,910/year

Non-Teaching: $6,935/year


5 days per week

Teaching: $4,555/year

Non-Teaching: $8,315/year


Extended Care


Contracted Extended Care:

$10.25/hour; two (2) day minimum enrollment required. Limited space available.

Drop-in Extended Care:

Available on a limited basis and must be approved in advance. Cost is $12.25/hour.




Application Fee:

$50 non-refundable fee payable at the time of application

Annual Registration Fee (Materials and Insurance):

One time fee of $175 ($100 for Spring Start enrollees)

Tuition Deposit:

One month tuition paid in advance, to be applied to the final month of tuition


Annual Donation Requirements

Harvest Festival Ticket buy-in: $20
Auction Ticket buy-in: $100
Donation of $250 cash or tangible, auctionable goods.