January 19, 2018


Program Schedules

  • Preschool & Young5 Programs: 9:00A–12:00P
  • Three, four and five-day per week enrollment options across all programs.
  • Playmates follows the San Francisco Unified School District calendar.
  • Separate Summer Program available.

Extended Care & Lunch Bunch

  • The following Extended Care (EC) hours are available:
    • Early Care: 8:00–9:00A
    • Lunch Bunch: 12:00–1:00P
    • Extended Care: 1:00–4:00P (no early pick-ups); 4:00–5:00P
  • Extended Care is contracted in advance and is paid for in equal installments each billing period.
  • Minimum enrollment for Lunch Bunch is two (2) days per week one day of which must include a Teaching Family’s
    workday (available for Teaching Families only).
  • Minimum enrollment for any Extended Care program is two (2) days per week.


Click here for Summer Camp details.