I send my child to Playmates for the crazy, messy, goofy kid centered activities that the school offers. A kid really gets to be a kid here!

Julie S.

The atmosphere is one of wonder & possibilities and the whole place is blanketed in love. Teachers & parents work closely together to develop relationships with all the children.

Lucy T.

Zachary loves Playmates. The teachers are warm and creative and the outdoor space is huge. He especially likes the bike area. The only thing he doesn’t like about it is when I pick him up. He never wants to leave!

Harmmonie W.

Playmates has been a wonderful place for our son to thrive. The environment where each child’s individual strengths and needs are recognized, encourages children to explore all aspects of themselves and gain confidence in their own knowledge and abilities. Most of all, The Playmates’ Philosophy helps children acquire the communication tools to work out conflicts that arise with others.

Klee F.

We joined for the price of a co-op and were initially overwhelmed by the hours required of us, but ended up loving everything about this school. It changed our idea of what a community was. Now we love to participate. We consider it an opportunity to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We have solid, deep connections to some of the best people we have ever met.

Heather J.

Playmates has enriched all of our lives, my own and my husband’s, not just those of my 2 and 4 year old. I didn’t know that getting involved at a coop would provide me with a whole community of support and friendship. I didn’t know that it would make me a better parent, by actively teaching me good parenting skills on my workday. I’ve been in lots of mommy groups, but usually all we have in common is our kids. At Playmates, I’ve met a lot of intelligent, thoughtful, creative people that I genuinely like and spend time with as adult company. The members have so much input into what happens at the school, it’s been an terrific opportunity to start to use my brain and my talents again, but in a setting that is just my speed. We all have kids. We’re all a bit frazzled and scattered, so there’s a lot of understanding and a lot of appreciation. This will be my second year on the Playmates Board and it’s been a very fulfilling experience to use my energy to benefit the kids – mine and those of our community. I love ‘the village to raise a child’ idea and Playmates is a village. On our workdays we co-parent the kids, we co-love them and like any good village we often get some love for ourselves as well.

Renee M.

I didn’t think a co-op would work for us, but from the moment our oldest son came to Playmates on the tour, he loved it. I loved seeing him so happy and all around were children happy too. This was a stark contrast to other preschools we toured where the children looked like captives. The atmosphere and community at Playmates has been welcoming and supportive. We love being a part of the Playmates community. Our son has learned to ride a trike, play in groups, and he was potty trained here – yes they take kids in diapers. He can express his feelings and can communicate well because this is encouraged. The yard is the width of a block and there is a garden, huge sandbox, trike area, climbing wall, lofts, art room, etc. The facilities may sometimes look worn with the weather and sand, but the kids love it and it’s a nurturing and warm environment. I eventually joined the Board and have chaired the IT Committee for two years (2006-2008). Our oldest son will be graduating this June and in September our youngest will start. We are truly satisfied and highly recommend this school for families who want to take an active role by participating in your child’s development at school AND most of all, being part of a community.

Beverly P.

My 4 year old just started her second year at Playmates Preschool. The school’s a large, energetic, creative environment that’s been around for 60 years.

My daughter’s teachers are nurturing and attentive. The large playground gives her a lot of play space (an asset because we’ve been living in small spaces). She’s developed thriving friendships with her fellow students and she’s learned communication skills that will serve her well the rest of her life.

We love Playmates because it gives us an opportunity to build ties with other parents and to be actively involved in our daughter’s education.

Eva R.