Our Staff

David Calabrese

Interim ED and Afternoon Program Teacher

davidAs our Interim Executive Director and one of our PM teachers, David has been a valuable asset to our school He joined Playmates in the Fall of 2013. David graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Manhattanville College, including a semester abroad in Firenze, Italy. His second major was in philosophy, with extended investigations into psychology, religion, anthropology, and mythology. David has lived in New England, California, Vermont, and Manhattan and is an accomplished woodworker, designer, and builder. After becoming a full time father of two children in 2002, David became active in a neighborhood, parent-led group called “Preschool on the Planet,” which still exists today in Inwood, NY.

David returned to San Francisco in 2006 and enrolled in Rocky Mountain Participation Nursery School. There, his understanding and investigations of children and child development matured. Serving on the Board as the Parent Ed chair in 2009 led him to return to City College of San Francisco to formally study Early Childhood Education and Child Development, with an emphasis on play-based learning and brain development. He is currently enrolled in The Master’s Program for Early Childhood Education at San Francisco State University. David’s intention is to work with parents and children, to discover how to incorporate, what is truly important to them, with their children’s true nature, and how to advocate for their children throughout life. He asks that we remember, “We are not just raising children, we are raising future adults.” What world will they inherit? How can we prepare them for this? David’s answer is, “we can’t, but we can discover who each child is, what each child’s gifts are, what kind of learners they are, and let them know that whatever the future holds, they can plug those qualities into it.” David firmly believes that society starts in preschool. That the work we do here lasts a lifetime, and he is honored to be a part of that important and precious process.

Michelle San Roman

Extended Care (EC) Teacher

michelleMichelle is one of our Extended Care teachers and she joined the Playmates staff during the Summer of 2013. Michelle previously worked with children in a social services environment with at risk teenage boys in foster care. Most recently she’s been working independently providing childcare, pet sitting services, and personal assistant duties to clients throughout the Bay Area. She loves being part of every child’s journey at Playmates and craves the infectious laughter, the boundless energy and the wonderful “out of the mouths of babes” quotes.

Quimby Margaretten

Morning Program Teacher

quimbyQuimby feels as though she has been a teacher her whole life. She started as an assistant teacher at an Inner City Enrichment program run out of Connecticut (now the nationwide program called Horizons). That was her first tantalizing experience of watching how children learn. After starting a family and watching her own two girls go through preschool, Quimby decided to make it official and began taking certification classes. She then interned at Playmates and is happy to officially join as a teache.

Though Quimby is always excited to learn about new education research and curriculum ideas, her real passion is getting to know each new student, or, as she calls them, her “new little friends”, and watching and helping them grow. She especially emphasizes social and emotional development and is excited every day to see and absorb new lessons from the children as they discover themselves.

Though Quimby might deny she ever really grew up, she was raised in Connecticut. When she’s not working or playing chauffeur to her two daughters, she might be found hiking or kayaking with her family, or maybe just relaxing at the beach.

Kasie Carlisle

Morning Program Teacher

kasieSan Franciscan native Kasie Carlisle is a returning teacher to Playmates’ AM program. With over 13 years experience of working with children and in child development, she has a passion for introducing children to different experiences and tools that will prepare them for the next stages in their lives. Kasie has a background and training in Child Development, Montessori philosophy and teaching methods, Play based philosophy and teaching methods, Reggio Emilia philosophy and teaching methods and is currently working towards a degree in Art Education. 

As an avid surfer, Kasie brings her love for the ocean and outdoors into her classroom. She regularly set ups messy and fun art projects for her students which offer them both an educational and sensory experience. In her free time, she can be found creating and working on her art, surfing and swimming, reading, or spending time with her loved ones. A fun fact about Kasie is that her hair color changes regularly (one day it will be red, then purple the next) and she has lots of tattoos which are mostly inspired by children stories.





















Carrie Maher

Extended Care (EC) Teacher

carrie“I just love the family atmosphere.” A new addition to Playmates as of summer 2007, Carrie is a natural athlete. And she brings a lively sense of action to the playground. Currently a college student at City College of San Francisco studying child development, Carrie’s long-term career goal is in the nursing field. Ask any Playmate child or grownup, and they’ll say they hope Carrie changes her mind and stays right here. “It’s such a caring and nurturing place for children,” says the alumnus. If you’re looking for Carrie, you won’t have to look far. Her favorite Playmates event is the annual Pumpkin Patch visit in October.

Benjamin Wilson

Afternoon Program Teacher

benjaminBenjamin joined Playmates in Fall 2013 as one of the PM teachers. A native Californian, Benjamin grew up in balmy San Diego before moving up to San Francisco. He began working with kids at a young age, babysitting his younger brothers and the others children in the neighborhood. In college, Benjamin started a summer job as preschool assistant/after school teacher, a job that shaped his resolve to go into the field of Early Childhood Education. After receiving his degree in Child Development, he worked for the Waldorf School of San Diego while attending classes at the Waldorf teacher training program. With ten years of experience in play-based and Waldorf curriculum, Benjamin is very excited to be a part of a wonderful community and school.

When not working, Benjamin enjoys finding time to play his tuba or having friends over to play board games.